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Have you found yourself in an unexpected legal situation? Perhaps you were injured in a car accident and need a personal injury lawyer to represent you. Or, maybe you need a professional who can help with arbitration to settle a dispute. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by debt and need someone who can help with bankruptcy. If you’re near Silver Spring, MD, then consider contacting our firm. At the Law Offices of Harry M. Rifkin, we can assist with wills, business law, and a range of other needs.

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We understand how difficult many legal situations can be. That’s why we offer compassionate service and reliable support from beginning to end. We can take a look at your situation, determine a solid course of action, and then help you move forward from there.

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Working with a lawyer can help you deal with a range of concerns. Partner with a reliable attorney by contacting our firm. If you’re near Silver Spring, MD, then consider calling today to request a consultation and learn more.

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Let us handle your criminal case or traffic violation.

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We take care of slip and fall cases, auto accidents, etc.

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